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Hello, we're The Button Factory

The Button Factory - Team

We are a team of creative individuals with wide-ranging backgrounds in event management, dance, music, design and food.

Whether it’s helping you plan your personal event, building a surfboard from timber, teaching you how to throw a pot (on a potter’s wheel, not at someone!) or waiting for your pizza to come out of the wood-fired oven you won’t be short on experiences to be had at The Button Factory.

We've come a long way

The Button Factory - Original

The Maxart Button Factory, one of Australia’s major makers and dyers of buttons, closed its doors in the late 1900s leaving behind a long history of manufacturing in Cheltenham. The building remained empty for well over twenty years, with only a heap of pigeons (and a heap of pigeon poo) occupying the upstairs area amongst the dangling electrical wiring for most of that time. In December 2017 Phil took over the factory with a vision to turn the old disused factory into an art space for the community.

The Button Factory - Render

The soft sound of a woodworker’s plane shaving down timber replaces the sound of noisy machinery. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and wood-fired pizza replaces the smell of plastics and dyes. On walls that once displayed timesheets now hang paintings and sketches. And the office where the clanking of typewriters once echoed in the room is now a performance space occupied by the beautiful sound of a Yamaha grand piano.

The Button Factory has been bought back to life offering woodwork and ceramics courses, yoga, dance, music performance, an art gallery, a café and an expansive event or performance space. What was once a factory of sweat and toil is now a destination place full of lovely surprises.

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